During the 2016/17 academic year, business mentoring has gone from strength to strength at Leigh Academies Trust.  Whilst building upon and expanding the successful schemes already in existence at Longfield Academy, The Leigh UTC and Stationers’ Crown Woods, Wilmington Academy and the Leigh Academy have now completed their first year of business mentoring.

longfieldmentors Business Mentor Training at Longfield Academy

New mentors

New mentors have been invited to attend mentoring breakfasts to discover the many rewarding aspects of becoming a mentor with our academies.

rise-and-shine               mentoring-success-at-the-leigh-academy

Mentoring breakfast at Wilmington Academy              Mentoring Breakfast at the Leigh Academy

How does business mentoring work?

The premise of business mentoring is that the mentor is an impartial individual who is not a teacher or parent and brings their industry expertise into our academies to assist students to achieve their best. Mentors meet with one or two students on a regular one to one basis and activities might include help with writing a C.V, planning a revision timetable, visits to a workplace or indeed work experience. How each mentor works with their mentee will differ according to the needs of the student.

Full training and support is given to each mentor and regular communication is kept between the mentor and academy.

Mid-Year reviews

As part of the commitment to both quality and continuous improvement, mid-year reviews have been held with mentors and mentees completing questionnaires on their experiences of business mentoring.

Student and mentor comments from one of the most recent reviews were:

Students: –

I am clear about my current projected grades:  86% clear or very clear

I am on track to achieve my target grades:  71% on track

I work hard in my lessons to ensure I get the best grades possible:  86% strongly agree or agree

I am usually open and willing to accept advice from others:  100% strongly agree or agree

I think about and reflect on my learning, behaviour and future:  86% strongly agree or agree

I have a good awareness of ‘current affairs’ and the wider world:  86% strongly agree or agree

Mentors: –

Develop mutually rewarding relationships with the young person and the Academy:  100% strongly agreed

Participate in influencing the aspirations and future direction of our students:  75% strongly agreed

Feel a sense of pride and recognition in contributing to the students’ achievements:  75% strongly agreed

utcmentors   Mentoring Review at The Leigh UTC

Mentor Comments

Comments from mentors include:

“I helped to point both students towards realistic initial goals without stopping their dreams.”

“I feel immense pride and satisfaction seeing my mentee’s confidence and self-worth continue to increase as each meeting progressed.”

“I got to learn a lot about my mentees and build relationships that I hope will last.”

“My aim from the outset was to help motivate and encourage young people to excel in their chosen field.  I feel this has been achieved and I enjoyed working with them.”

“I feel very pleased and proud to have …. as my mentee and I will do my utmost to assist him in his future going forward.”

“… working with my mentees has been so enjoyable, I think I often forgot about the age difference as they are both incredibly mature.”

“I am astounded how open and willing to try suggestions and ideas both mentees are.”

“Mentoring is so important and more people need to get involved.”

Mascalls mentoring breakfast






Mentoring Breakfast at Mascalls Academy


New additions to Business Mentoring Scheme

The most recent Academy to launch a business mentoring scheme is Mascalls Academy who held their launch breakfast in July and are looking to train their new mentors early in the new academic year.


Looking Forward

rise and shine - Strood

Looking forward to the 2017/18 year, Strood Academy will launch their scheme in September and will become the latest current Trust secondary academy to offer such a scheme. We look forward to the next period of business mentoring with many of our academies having doubled the number of available mentors during the past year.

Why not come and join us

If you would like to find out more about how you could become involved in Business Mentoring, please contact:  leigh.clark@latrust.org.uk