Year 12 students at Wilmington Academy are all set to enter this year’s Greenpower 24+ competition and in real business style, they have set up a blog to chart the progress of their endeavours.

“Welcome, Here Is Our Story So Far

Hello we are TeamElite a group of young people passionate about engineering, this our blog of our journey to the Greenpower 24+ race. 

Greenpower 24+ competition is a race over many tracks for teams aged between 16 and 25 years old this makes it ideal for sixth forms, youth groups, apprentices and universities.This formula is all about designing and building an electric car with a standard motor and sets of batteries. The teams can design and build any shape or look, this certainly doesn’t restrict the creativity we see on the grid meaning there will be a wide range of cars racing to win nationals.

This is our blog where you can see the progress of our car from start to finish so you can feel a part of the team going through this exciting, wonderful opportunity.

We will Keep you up to date by posting weekly of our progress.”

Three groups of students will be presenting to local businesses within the next few weeks in a bid to win sponsorship so that they can compete in this exciting challenge; please do follow their progess via