Year 9 students at The Leigh Academy took part in a workshop on CVs yesterday. The workshop considered soft skills required for the workplace, as well as the information to be included in a CV.

Adecco Recruitment, a multi-national organisation headquartered in Zurich, kindly delivered the workshop. Jo Cassettari and Kathy Alexander, Adecco’s Dartford Branch Manager, approached the Trust with a view to helping us to support our students on their journey through education into the world of work.


The students are very fortunate that professionals are prepared to spend time helping The Leigh Academies Trust prepare them for their future careers. The Leigh Academy’s Year 9 students will be considering their work-experience placements in a few months, so now is an ideal time to consider the skills that they have already developed and how to prepare for success in later life.

Adecco considered the impact of social media. They explained that students should refrain from putting anything onto social media that they would not wish their parents to see, since employers routinely use social media to find out more about candidates and their willingness to share information.