As part of a whole school careers focus day, year 8 students at Longfield Academy had the opportunity to hear Huw Prosser discuss the Power of Technology in the Workplace.

Huw, an alumni of fellow LAT school, the Leigh UTC, explained his own journey of starting a business at the age of 17 whilst still at college and his love of technology, especially coding. He advised that he’d utilised the skills of people around him to start his business including a mentor introduced to him by his Principal and even went on to employ some of his peer group!

Our presenter stressed the opportunities afforded to the students of today by technology like never before, especially social media and that by virtue of their age, they are both familiar and competent with these platforms. He warned, however, that the algorithms of many such networks powered by artificial intelligence, can potentially be harmful to mental health in how they analyse what is shown within individuals’ news feeds. 

Post his three presentations, Huw commented:

“I’m so impressed with the passion and support the year 8s have shown.   Lovely group and I can’t wait to watch them achieve! “

Sincere thanks to Huw for visiting Longfield Academy.