Wilmington year 8 high achieving pupils realise that there’s more than one direction


Approaching the next stage of academic career can be daunting, and to have more information about options after Year 11 can make this process a lot easier.

The More than One Direction workshop is aimed raising the aspirations of students, by getting them to begin to look at future career options. Students were given the task of creating a fictional character, which they took on a journey of discovery, through school, further education, University and the working world, in order to become aware of the many options and subject choices they have.  Students weighed up different options, formed reasoned arguments in order to choose the best path for their character.  At the end of the session, students were encouraged to present their character’s journey.  This helped to develop confidence when speaking in front of peers and others.

Here’s what our students thought about the event:

“We learned more about what to do in the future.” – Zaria

“It helped me realise how much education means.” – Archie

All Year 8 students will be able to benefit from this opportunity, and many more, in the New Year, in order to make choosing their KS4 options a smoother experience.

L Evans, I Priest and S Goodall