As part of British Science Week, on Monday 11th March, Molehill Primary Academy was pleased to have a whole school series of workshops with Phil Edwards of Weald Technology

Problem Solving

The day began with an assembly for years 3 to 6 on the Future Transport Challenge. Pupils were tasked to use their use creativity and imagination to solve the problem of congestion and air pollution created by moving around.  As a real life problem, the children we asked to consider:

  • Why we need to move around?
  • How we move around?
  • Are there alternatives?
  • If so, what could they be?

With the scene set, students returned to their classes to work on their ideas with Phil agreeing to visit each class to work with them.

Workshops- levers and gears

Year 1 and year 2 then took part in two individual year group workshops on gears and levers

They were asked to think about:

  • What is a lever?
  • What are levers used for?

Examples of levers in the hall:

  • Door
  • Window handle
  • Lights
  • Curtain pulley

Students then went on to build their own levers using K’nex.

In building models to show how gears work, also with K’nex, Phil added glitter sticky beads to pupils models to illustrate that smaller cogs have to travel faster and that gears travel in different directions.



Teacher comment was:

The KS1 children thoroughly enjoyed the gears workshops and were totally engaged: their teachers said the sessions were excellent.”


Moving back to the Future Transport Challenge, Phil visited every class to review students’ work.


The day culminated in the “winners” from years 3 to 6 gathering again in the hall to display their work.


Teacher and Science Lead, Carole Miller, commented

“ The day went really well and the children were completely engaged in the challenge.  They improved their team work skills, solved problems and gained a real understanding of how science relates to real life and a greater awareness of the challenges facing their generation in the future. One child even invented their own double sided tape for their project which she was very proud of.”

“It was really difficult to select children/ winners for the assembly because they had all done so well and were keen to share.  We selected the ones that best met the criteria set by Phil which were both imaginative and feasible. “

Thank you to Weald Technology for such a useful day for our students.


Science Week continued …

British Science Week continued at Molehill Primary Academy on Tuesday with a whole school assembly and the academy inviting fellow LAT academy, Oaks Primary to a bridge building challenge to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Channel Tunnel STEM project.

Pictures of this activity can be seen below: