Wilmington Academy held its first business mentoring breakfast on Wednesday 28th September. Delegates from a wide range of business sectors attended to learn more about the academy and its new business mentoring scheme.

As candidates for the International Baccalaureate Careers Programme, Miss Sanders also informed attendees of the exciting forthcoming educational plans at Wilmington Academy. Delegates were most interested to learn more, asked many probing questions and give positive feedback on this development.

Ms Roberts ran over detail of what the forthcoming business mentoring scheme would involve and the vast majority of attendees have now registered their interest in becoming business mentors. Mentor training at Wilmington Academy will begin early in October with the scheme going into full operation shortly afterwards.

The breakfast ended with year 13 students facilitating a tour of the academy for guests.


“The business breakfast was a great success which left our students excited for potential opportunities for them and the student body.  I am looking forward to working alongside industry experts to support our students.  I would like to thank every person for their time and contribution.  It is truly appreciated.”

– Miss Roberts, Head of College

“It was very exciting to have the chance to share our plans for the upcoming school year with members from the business world, and very encouraging to have such incredibly positive feedback. The students as well buzzed for several days about how worthwhile it was to have the chance to talk to “real” business people and gain some insight into career pathways.”

– Miss Sanders, IBCP Coordinator

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk to real business owners about their lives and their careers, I gained a fantastic insight into the day to day life of business owners in our local community and it was great to hear about all the things that they have achieved throughout their lives. I asked them questions about what it takes to become employable in today’s world and I intend to use their advice and wisdom to make myself a better professional.”

– Robert Stewart, Y13 student

“The business meeting allowed me to have an insight of what the outside world entails. The lady that I showed around was really interested in how the school functions. Her main question was how I feel about the school. I was able to tell her my experiences throughout my years at Wilmington. As I am interested in law, she said that if she was my mentor she will help me as she has connections. This will hugely benefit me. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and recommend it for future purpose.”

-Nicole Munn, Y13 student

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity given to me last week in meeting the multiple business associates. This was a fantastic experience as it gave me the chance to get a better insight into future careers and job prospects. It also gave me a great insight into the different opportunities involved with the different career paths. This experience was unique, useful and one which I will use the experience from to help me with my future choices and goals. This experience gave me the chance to express my knowledge and skills to these people as well as gave me the challenge of giving them a guide of the school to the best of my abilities.”

– Adrian Peppiatt, Y13 student