The latest business breakfast at The Leigh UTC took place on Wednesday 7th February with the topic being the benefit to employers on offering work experience to students.

With governor, Clive Barker, acting as master of ceremonies, business delegates enjoyed networking prior to hearing from Principal, Steve Leahey.


An educator’s perspective

Mr Leahey discussed many aspects of work experience including when students from The Leigh UTC will be looking for opportunities; year 10 and year 12 students undertake block placements at the end of these academic years whilst the college also encourages longer term, one day a week placements for Post 16 students. He went on to elaborate upon the positive aspects of engaging with students in work experience for employers and explained that “red tape” in arranging work experience is not as onerous to as it could seem-


An employer’s perspective

As a regular supporter of The Leigh UTC, and indeed many of our Trust academies, Rob Brack, owner of the Kiwi Print Company,, related his experiences of offering work experience and how in a previous placement, an academy student, Connor, had blossomed. Rob explained that Connor had joined his previous company for work experience when in year 10 and has returned several times since, making a positive contribution to the business.


A student’s perspective

Year 13 student, Amelia, eloquently described her experience of placements relating a journey through three work experience opportunities during her time at The Leigh UTC. Within her story she explained how, by being at a workplace, she was able to explore potential career paths and decide upon where she ultimately wishes her career to take her. Her experiences have taught her that an office job is not for her. One poignant comment that she made was that whilst studying, she’d never thought that she would use trigonometry outside of education but that she now has! Latterly, she has completed a placement at academy partner, SEM, and not only enjoyed the experience but has discovered that this is the type of working environment that would best suit her talents.

Delegate comment

Delegates were given a tour of the Leigh UTC at the end of breakfast and commented thus:

“The whole content was very engaging. I thought it was excellent. I was genuinely impressed by all I saw and met-looking forward to working with the College.” – Richard Schmidt, Coca Cola

“Fantastic school and event “ – Cassie Thomas, Coca Cola

“Excellent” – Les Nuttman, Verandi Ltd

Any employers looking to offer work experience to students from The Leigh UTC should contact Nicholas Payne via