Thank you again to June Wilkinson of BAM Construction for an enlightening virtual presentation for students at Wilmington Academy last week. Screened across 9 tutor groups, the entire year 11 cohort had the opportunity to learn about the built environment.

She began by explaining what the built environment is and all the types of places that are produced via the construction sector; it is a large and exciting growth industry. Additionally, under the current Government mantra of “ Build, build, build”, that is likely to continue.

June went on to explain that BAM even has a department working on sustainability ensuring a positive impact in its construction. New technology and digitalisation is very much in use with the likes of virtual reality modeling allowing planning to be not only more sustainable but also more cost efficient.

Careers within the built environment come under two main areas- professional technical and trades.

With a second, pre-recorded presentation the following day, students then got to learn about the apprenticeships offered by BAM and the importance of achieving their GCSEs to access these, or indeed, any other apprenticeship.

Post event, teacher comment was as follows:

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! There have been some very interesting conversations being had, and students are definitely beginning to think about a future in construction”

Thank you again to June for sharing her knowledge with our students.